Further EVENTS



At the Special Event on 11 June, Peter Stone gave a brilliant talk on photobooks - of course I did!!! Peter covered the genre of what could be developed as a photobook, the preparation of photographs, the text required, and the procedure of using the various photobook software, using Momento and Photobook Express as examples. Peter has prepared over twenty books in the last three years - a dozen of these were on display. He emphasised how important is was to retain treasured memories through photographs, and that a photobook is an economical way to do so. And they are easy and fun to prepare.
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As the Special Event for May, Lorraine Stroebel gave us one of the most professional and interesting talks we have had over the past year. It may not be your thing to clear your thoughts and move gracefully whilst you Stroke the Birds feather, or Part the Wild Horse's Mane, but you would have certainly gained a greater understanding of this ancient art. Lorraine talked a bit about the history of the art, then its form and benefits. With help from long-time Tai Chi devotee Robin Sidebottom and our own member Cheryl Kane, the trio performed a rountine that even in the watching, settled the mind. So peaceful, so graceful. After question time and more demonstrations, Lorraine left us to decide if we wished to pursue the establishment of a regular class. Six of the fourteen present raised their hand. With several members away, some possibly interested, it was decided to establish a six-week class with Lorraine starting Thursday 14 July at 11.15 at the old kindergarden rooms. Cost will be $7.50 a session so thats $45 for the whole course. (There is no individual session payment). Please consider this very interesting and worthwhile mental and physical exercise. Contact Secretary Jacqui as soon as you can so we can establish numbers.


Held at the Courthouse Gallery, Commercial Road, Yarram, by the exceptional local artist Justin Holt from Woodside. Justin's landscapes and local vignettes of what we see around town are original and demonstrate the exceptional 'eye' that Justin has for form and colour in the most simplest and everyday scenes. The exhibition is open from 10 March to 5 April. A must for all U3A art class participants - and indeed all members. 


It was short notice but members were emailed to advise them of the magnificent Warren Curry exhibition of impressionist art that represented a chronological history of Port Albert; created for the 175th anniversary of the fishing village where he lives. We met at the Country Club and drove the 12km to Port Albert. Some of the members are seen here enjoying the company and the informative descriptions of the paintings by the artist. Warren is not a stranger to U3A - indeed his fame as an international artist puts Port Albert on the map - and he has given fascinating guided tours of his hometown. The history starts with the wreck of the paddle-steamer Clonmel in 3 January 1841 which inadvertently led to the establishment of a village and opened up the fertile land east of Corner Inelt. Warren's painted history develops into the gold era, the development of the port and fishing, the Aborigine conflicts, the use of the islands for cattle breeding (and shark feeding), murder at nearby Tarraville, the railway from Melbourne; pubs and people, bushrangers and bullocks.  The exhibition will close next Sunday, 21 February. 

What a marvellous event - a Special Event after our monthly meeting, on the Labor Day holiday 14March. Several hundred remarkable items were on display at the Country Club, brought in by the members for all to enjoy. And it was our first special event opened to the public. All items were of - paper. Most were old newspapers, dating back many decades to the deaths of royalty, royal anniversaries, coronations - the monachy movement is alive and well!!! Old Australian colonial newspapers such as the Australian Sketcher - and the London Illustrated News. Oldest newspaper was the Edinburgh Advertiser dated 1767 advising that James Cook has left England 'with some gentlemen of note on board' to attend the transsit of Venus in the South Seas. On the way he sems to have 'discovered' a new land!) Also many magazines - Pix, Post, no Playboy (shame - but interested members may like to contact the webmaster for a private showing!) Several old books were on display including an immaculate embossed gold-leaf volume of Blair's History of Australasia. Scrap books also featured - from early Yarram cuttings, to a full space history from the first Sputnik. Historic documents and presentation certificates were also on display; and stamps and old photo albums. 
The most significant document was the Herald newspaper of the day your webmaster was born. (Disappointingly, I was not mentioned - and contrary to what my son believes, printing had indeed been invented by then). The Past Paper Parade was a most enjoyable and educational event and one that should be repeated next year. 
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TRAVEL TALES  (Monday, 22 March 2016)
Past president Cynthia Lang presented a fascinating insight into her time in Java, initially after studying the Indonesian language for the Victorian schools curriculum, and then on several trips with husband Robert. Like so many SE Asian countries, the Indonesian archipelago has a fascinating history, sometimes brutal and suppressive, but at all times intriging. Fortunately much of its ancient history has been preserved, the most popular being the 8th and 9th century ruins of fabled Borobudur - constructed three centuries before Ankor Wat and the world's largest Buddhist monument. Despite the plundering of priceless statues over the centuries, and its encasement in jungle growth which in many respects gave it protection, it has survived remarkably well. Cynthia spoke of the culture of the people, predominantly Muslim, with traces of other Asian religions, and Christianity (after the Dutch occupation). Living with an Indonesian family gave her a most intimate insight into the life of the Indonesian, something that the general tourist does not experience. We hope Cynthia will give us another insight into our nearest neighbour, perhaps with a comparison with the popular island of Bali. 

8 February 2016 @ 11.00am followed by sandwiches and then at 1.00pm, John and Julie Papworth will be our very special guests speaking on Nepal and their involvment in building a school after the devastating eathquake. This superb presentation was not only entertaining but extremely emotional, as John and Julie spoke of their time teaching in Nepal, assisting the local school financially when they returned to Australia, and now assisting in the construction and establishment of an orphanage after the recent devastating earthquakes. The presentation moved the new executive and members to pledge a donation to the orphanage. 


Our first anniversary luncheon went exceptionally well on Monday 14 September. "First of all thank you for the attendance at the lunch today. it was so good to see little groups chatting after the meal, the social side is as important as any of the activities.  I certainly enjoyed seeing so many great people there. We are so lucky to have such great people to help and support us", said secretary Jacqui Lee. Some fifty [eople attended not just from Yarram U3A but also from the Latrobe Valley and Prom Coast (Foster).


After the May meeting on 11 May, as one of our Monthly Talks,  we have the pleasure of a presentation by the renown Flag Man. Ron Strachan is a world-wide authority on national and international flags, and supplies governments, corporations, organisations, schools and the public. Ron is a local Yarram resident and member of U3A. 
Local Yarram resident Ron Strachan is a world-wide authority on national and international flags, and supplies governments, corporations, organisations, schools and the public. We have the pleasure of listening to Ron in May.
1.30 pm, Monday 11 May. At the Yarram Country Club. This will be after our May meeting at 11.30pm, which is followed by a lunch at the club. All members are welcome to the meeting, and of course to joing convivial conversation over lunch. 
Ron's enthusiam and knowledge for flags results in a fascinating talk that will no doubt quite surprise you with its fascinating information.  This is one of our Monthly Talks to which we invite all members of course, and also the general public. 
Ron's talk was exceptional, very interesting and enjoyed by all who attended. U3A of Yarram were honoured to have him speak after our monthly meeting and are saddened to hear that he will be leaving town soon to re-establish his business in Darwin - much to the loss of Yarram. 

Wednesday 29th April. Meet at Country Club at 10.00am, to pool in cars to Port Albert.
Thirteen attended the walk and talk with Warren Curry, all wonderful stuff, thoroughly enjoyed it. Although after the walk we all needed the 3 in 1 oil, looking forward to another in the Spring, which may take in Palmerstone and then we would like a walk round Tarraville sometime soon as well.  it was wonderful to hear the anecdotes and history from such a fervent resident of Port Albert. It was a glorious day and all the U3A members enjoyed it.


Date: 3rd March 2015
Alberton Cemetery, between the Albert River and the road in to Port Albert from the South Gippsland Highway.
Hosted by Bruce Findlay. 
The Alberton Cemetery is one of the oldest in the State of Victoria. The Alberton Cemetery Trust, honour the Pioneers who are buried here and all those who follow. The earliest known burial is that of Robert McClure in 1842. Prior to that, it is thought that the whalers bought their dead up the Albert River to this high ground for burial.
The oldest area of the Cemetery is on the bank of the Albert River. In later years when the road was made from Port Albert to Alberton the newer section then began to be utilised. The Trust still conducts burials on the same site today.
The historical walk round Alberton Cemetery was well attended by U3A members, and Bruce’s talk took us back in time to the first burials when the bodies were brought by river, as there were no roads. The Protestant and Catholic areas were separate and there is also a Paupers area for those unable to pay for a burial. The interesting fact came to light that this is the most economical place to be buried- should you wish to partake! With a view of the tranquil river and  the sun blazing down it was almost a viable consideration.




Date:8th September. 2014
'Greenmount' Homestead, near Yarram, Victoria.
This was the family home of a local pioneerings family, the Missens.  Patriach Marjorie Missen graciously opened her wonderful home which she shared with her husband for over fifty years.  The history of the house, the land and the way it came to belong to them was fascinating.  Marjorie has diaries kept meticulously by her father in law. She had a few good stories, and gave us a glimpse of life when she was a young bride. Marjorie is amazing with her knowledge and  wisdom she makes a brilliant speaker. Morning tea and a look round the land surrounding her home made this a perfect visit. Indeed, just being with and liosteningto Marjorie is wonderful. 

Date: 28th Julky 2014
Yarram Country Club
The first presentation offered by the University of the Third Age of Yarram was a talk was on 28th July 2014 at the Yarram Country Club. Thirty-three people attended an illustrated presentation of travels in Laos, by member Peter Stone. This was a successful event to introduce U3A to the public, and many local people joined on the day. The talk was also the introduction of the Travel Club which will meet to hear of other travels and travel information.