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It's all about social interaction and keeping the brain active.


Committee and contacts:

President: Faye Gray

Secretary: Jacqui Lee

Treasurer: Peter Stone

Events Coordinator: 
Cynthia Lang

Publicity officer:
Brian Lee

Webmaster: Peter Stone

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U3A of Yarram
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Welcome to the website of the 
University of the Third Age of Yarram. 

The University of the Third Age is an international movement that encourages people to take part in lifelong learning for pleasure. U3A allows people to enjoy educational, creative, social and leisure activities in a relaxed environment at low cost. There are no prior qualifications, no exams and no degrees awarded.

U3A of Yarram aims to

    * Provide opportunities for seniors of all walks of life, irrespective of any academic or professional qualifications, for lifelong learning and social activity
    * Harness the cultural diversity, life experience and knowledge of older people
    * Provide affordable self-help educational and recreational programs for mature adults
    * Foster relationships with other community organisations which have complementary or compatible aims

U3A operates predominantly on the basis of self-education, with tutors and volunteer co-ordinators being members of the group. A twelve-month enrollment fee entitles the member to any or all events, sessions and classes with no general extra charges. This applies to any activity anywhere and anytime in the world. 


Secretary Jacqui Lee, President Faye Gray, Treasurer Peter Stone

If its in RED it's an event coming up. It's about to HAPPEN.
If it's in GREEN, it's an event COMING UP. Watch for details.
If it's in BLUE it's a REGULAR EVENT.
If it's BLACK it's GONE, mate! It is past, it has happened.

Remember, you can click on most images to enlarge them. 
Signed 10 x 8 inch glossys of the current executive are available for a small donation.


And because so much is happening -  IMPORTANT NOTE
Weekly and often daily up-to-date event bulletins are sent out by Jacqui or Cynthia via email. This method is the best way to ensure you have the very latest event information. 

If you do not have email, make sure you have established with Jacqui and Cynthia an alternative way of recieving up-to-date information.

TAI CHI STARTS at 11.00am 14 June at the old kindergarden in Gipps Street. Best to contact Jacqui to book in or turn up on the day and pay $45 to Lorraine for six sessions. 

Jacqui and Brian Lee will tell us a little bit about England, not just their travels but more their experiences, and unusual places. That Monday 18 June, at 1.00pm at the Country Club. Join us earlier if you want a nice lunch. 

8 August 2016, Yarram Country Club. 11.30am
Sandwiches and chips for lunch then the Special Event at 1.00pm - once again we will conduct the very popular Show and Tell. So find your oddities (not nearest relatives) and bring them along.  

The final session, number 12, was shown on 12 June. Numbers were dwindling toward the end and just the one person will receive the Golden Globe of Perseverance for attending all twelve lecture sessions. But you have to say, it was quite fascinating, and as the lecturer summed up in the final session, he hopes that he has inspired us to look skyward and be marvelled by our visible universe. It has certainly been an eye-opener and even though we may not have understood all the aspects of astro-geometry and physics, the concepts were appreciated and all who attended should be more aware of the remarkable universe that we live in. 
Now its time to come back to Earth.
On 19 June we will start THE GREAT TOURS OF EUROPE series of 24 half-hours tours. Same time, same place - 1.00pm, Country Club. 

Not a problem. Now that we have completed the SKYWATCH series, the three-DVD set is available on loan to members. See Treasurer Peter who is co-ordinating all aspects of the lecture presentation. Email him or phone his office 51825108. The DVD set may be picked up from Peter's office at the Federal Coffee Palace, or at one of our meetings. Please ensure that you retain the DVDs for no longer than a fortnight. 

It's back to the Federal Coffee Palace, Fridays, at 10.00am - except for a once-a-month out of town coffee break at 'The Bodmans' on the Hyland Way - also at 10.00am - always announced by email. .The Bodmans now has a regular date - the third Friday in each month. 

It's all set for a convivial get-together at Janie's and Robyn's restaurant and coffee shop on the Hyland Way: 12.00pm on 29 June. No funny hats are expected, now will there be sing-a-longs so we should be able to have a great time. Please contact Jacqui IMMEDIATELY if you plan to come and have not notified her. 

Our A4 2-fold brochure is out, thanks to the sterling efforts of Brian and Jacqui Lee in particular, and the committee. Make sure you pick up a bundle and hand them out where appropriate. You will find them in some of the supporting shops in town. We are not having a membership drive - it is simply a matter of letting people know what we do and if it
interests them, we will make them most welcome.

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The Treasurer has decreed that all members should have access to our banking password.
As no numbers should be published, the password is actually the last six digits of pi (the ratio of the circumference to the diametre of a circle). 

Did you know that back in 1918 at the tail end of the Great War, an aircraft was sent to Yarram to search for German raiders at sea and German spies on land. The aircraft was the to be famous FE2B, built in the UK and used effectively against the Red Baron of Luftwaffe fame, downing the German hero (but not killing him on this occasion). One aircraft was sent to Australia in 1917 and used by the Commonwealth Flying School in Melbourne. In April and May of 1918  it was stationed at Yarram and flown by the famous Victorian-born  V.C. winner Frank McNamara on reconnaissance over Bass Strait looking for the German raider Wolf. It eventually crashed and never repaired when in private hands in 1922. In 2009 The Vintage Aviator Ltd company of New Zealand built and flew a replica (photo right) and is still operational. Our member Eric Greenaway is chair of a committee that aims to bring this very aircraft over from New Zealand for the 100th anniversary of the spy-plane's activities. The Yarram Secondary College is building a half-size replica model as part of their woodwork curricullum. If Eric can get the operational replica over from NZ, a commemmorative event will be held in Yarram which will attract many people to our wonderful area. And perhaps the YSC's model could be on permanent display at an entrance to the town. U3A of Yarram have pledged full support to Eric for such an event. It is early days but some finding has already been obtained; The Vinatage Aviator company have a precedent of displaying their replicate aircraft in Victoria at the Point Cook airshow. 

For more info google 'FE2B yarram'.

This is an important project that we should all embrace. 

Link on images to enlarge.

Apart from (later) Air Vice-Marshall Francis McNamara, there have been many decorated RAF fighter pilots who flew this aircraft. Who do you think is the most famous? Hint: He is fictional and you are likely to know if you are a male about my age (72) 

McNamara in cockpit, at Yarram.

Now that didn't go too well. Yarram. No wonder it crashed with all those people clambering over it.
23 April 1918.

At the Special Event on 11 June, Peter Stone gave a brilliant talk on photobooks - of course I did!!! Peter covered the genre of what could be developewd as a photobook, the preparation of photographs, the text required, and the procedure of using the various photobook software, using Momento and Photobook Express as examples. Peter has prepared over twenty books in the last three years - a dozen of these were on display. He emphasised how important is was to retain treasured memories through photographs, and that a photobook is an economical way to do so. And they are easy and fun to prepare.
Click on image to expand.

As the Special Event for May, Lorraine Stroebel gave us one of the most professional and interesting talks we have had over the past year. It may not be your thing to clear your thoughts and move gracefully whilst you Stroke the Birds feather, or Part the Wild Horse's Mane, but you would have certainly gained a greater understanding of this ancient art. Lorraine talked a bit about the history of the art, then its form and benefits. With help from long-time Tai Chi devotee Robin Sidebottom and our own member Cheryl Kane, the trio performed a rountine that even in the watching, settled the mind. So peaceful, so graceful. After question time and more demonstrations, Lorraine left us to decide if we wished to pursue the establishment of a regular class. Six of the fourteen present raised their hand. With several members away, some possibly interested, it was decided to establish a six-week class with Lorraine starting Thursday 14 July at 11.15 at the old kindergarden rooms. Cost will be $7.50 a session so thats $45 for the whole course. (There is no individual session payment). Please consider this very interesting and worthwhile mental and physical exercise. Contact Secretary Jacqui as soon as you can so we can establish numbers. (There is a minimum number required). 

Federation University, Churchil Campus, 11 May 2016. 9.30am - 3.00pm
A pleasant early morning drive by chauffer Brian Lee saw your secretary and treasurer attend this seminar/workshop, the aim being "to demonstrate a range of user-friendly and affordable tecnologies that can help grow the effectiveness of course delivery to U3A members". It was a most pleasant and worthwhile day as something was gained, but not to any great extent that our small U3A group wiuld benefit. It started twenty minutes late, with a welcome by convenor John Parker from Baw Baw U3A, and then a 35 minute opening address by parlimentarian Russel Broadbent which did seem to be inappropriate at times. The seminar thus commenced at 10.36am with a presentation by Dr Nicola Johnson, "The Challenges of the Digital World", which considered the benefits of 'digital literacy'; and suggested that using technology does not make you a better teacher. There is no point in listing details of the three other presenters at the morning session, these being headed "The Digital Library", "Linking to Remote Locations", and Hearing Impairment and Recording of Presentations. All had their points of interest, although the demonstartion to link to a remore location did not go all that well - a carrier pigeon would have been faster. 
After a superb lunch, the sixty or so deligates were separted into six groups for a rotation of six mini workshops: (Use of) Tables and iPads; Elmo and Data Projection; Using Facebook; The Great Courses (the ones we use); Accessing Personal Histopry Online; PA Systems for Hearing Impaired. These intimate and hands-on presentations were very interesting and we three Yarramites gained a few interesting points and ideas. Againb, our small membership size precludes the necessity for some of the presentation ideas, but that does not mean that the knowledge of what is available was not worth while. Conversation and interaction with other U3A members was also of benefit and it is to Baw Baw U3A that we owe a measure of gratitude for convening and organising the event - and an 'unidentified sponsor'. 

Enter on image to enlarge. 


We have started our DVD lecture series.
On Tuesday 12 April, at 1.00pm, at the Country Club, we started our post-graduate degree in Astro-physics and Astronomy, with the first of the DVD-based lessons on the subject - Skywatching: Seeing and Undestanding Cosmic Wonders. There are twelve lectures of 45 minutes each. At the first session we will decide how we will logistically set out the course - possibly a fortnightly session. Perhaps we will have a 45 minute lecture session followed by a 15 to 30 minute discussion.  Hopefully the DVDs provide a true lecture environment and not the dumbed-down 'scientific' docos that are frequently screened on SBS. So come along with a truly open mind that sets aside our every day concepts of time and space and appreciates the size of a quark at a trillionth of a millimetre, of how far a light year is, that a millionth of a second is indeed significant if we are looking at the Big Bang, and that matter the size of our Earth could be compressed.into the size of a golf ball. And please note - this is not a course for 'academics' and the university trained. It is for us ordinary folk who just want to know a bit more of what is happening around us.  This should be really good fun, and extremely interesting.

A History of European Art: 48 lectures each of 30 minutes.
The Great Tours: 24 lectures of thirty minutes each.

See above in LATEST NEWS AND MEETINGS for more details. The next lecture series is soon to start. 

At the General Meeting on Monday 9 May, it was decided that we would continue our excellent lecture series with a course in either A History of European Art, or The Great Tours: Greece, Turkey, Athens to Instanbul.One of these series would he held at 2.00pm on a Tuesday at the Country Club - that is, after the Skywatch session. Members will/have received an email seeking their preference from these two excellent series, after which a start date will be announced. Members can thus attend one or both sessions on a totally diffeent topic on the same day. Please make your choice and respond to Jacqui's email.

This new lecture series will start at 2.00pm on Tuesday June 21. (Not June 24 as per Jacqui's email). Which series? - to be advised.

WHATS COMING UP - and see the long term schedule below.

The internet tells us that "Circle dance, or chain dance, is a style of dance done in a circle or semicircle to musical accompaniment, such as rhythm instruments and singing." In a circle? Who would have thought!  Well, we are told that it is a delightful form of dance and exercise and with the right music is most enjoyable. Secretary Jacqui recently attended a session by a fellow U3A group and was intrigued. Jacqui is organising for a group to tell us what it is all about. We are told it is not like line dancing, nor like guadrilatrial dancing, but could be similar to the rhombus. Okay - it seems to have concepts of the barn dance, tai chi, a quadrille, and a warm-up for a delightfully gay football team. 
Hopefully we will have a Special Event scheduled in the near future. Contact secretary Jacqui is interested, or just come along to the next meeting. Want to know more - see the excellent example at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN2Ucv5nv7c

Because we enjoy our monthly Friday coffee chats at the Bodman's tea house on the Hyland Way so decided that this would be idea for a cozy mid-winter 'Christmas'. This will be held on Friday 12 noon on 22 July. Be there at 12 noon. Please conform with secretary Jacqui that you wish to come so that Janie and Robyn have an idea of catering numbers. Cost is $15 per head, with a choice of two menus. Great value in a great place. 

It's a corny heading but you get the drift. Eric Greenaway has suggested that we have a visit and presentation to the locality, visiting the old school (now a private home. The area one housed over thirty farms, houses and shops, and has a fascinating history. 

Get ready for more fun and fascinating stories with our show and tell. We will probably not have anoither one this year but get ready for 2016. Have you any interesting newspaper or magazines - an historic paper 'show and tell' is planned for next year. We will set this one up as a display and talk. 

PHOTOBOOKS - its on, see above. 
Do you have boxes of photographs or plastic-sleeve photo albums lying about in a cupoboard, never to be seen again? Have you thought of having a family history but don't know where to start? Are the digital photos of your memorable overseas trip lost in the electronic mire within your computer, never to be seen again? Do you have family shots of little Freddy from a baby to his disasterous 21st birthday lying about? Has Mum and Dad or any other loved one reached a milestone in their life and you want to record it? The best way to satisfy these situations is to consider a photobook - a professionally printed hardcover book of your photographs, with a glossy cover or dustjacket. A photobook will never be lost in a storeage cupboard, and will always be in reach to bring back those wonderful memories. They are easy to do, are great fun to create and will last several generations. In a few weeks U3A will announce a special introduction day to show you what can be done, how it is done, the prerequisits, the costs. And we are very pleased to advise that an arrangement has been made with one of the leading photobook printers for a substantial discount for your first book. Register your interest now with secretary Jacqui or vice-president Peter so we know how many we can expect. 

Travel talks are back on track - to be held each Monday, the week after the monthly General Meetings. Please let Jacqui know if you are prepared to give us a talk. 

The recent walk around Port Albert was fascinating and indeed, did not cover all there is to see and learn. Warren is overseas at the momnent but we hope to have another walk in late Spring. Other destinations are being considered as this was most popular. 
ALSO - recreational walks are due to start again - these are low key, slow speed, flat-land, walks that usually end up in a coffee shop to put back the kilos lost on the walk!!! Grest fun. Zimmer-frames optional, no personal scooters - that would be cheating!! 

In consideration. A committee has been formed to determine in which season it is to be held. 



Henry Ford is remembered as a great industrialist, the man who introduced the production line, the man who said that 'you can have any colour (car) so long as it's black". But he was actually a terrible businessman and his management skills deemed 'a disaster'. He made all the decisions and hired spies to make sure his managers did not make a decision on their own. In 1947 the company was going down the tubes, but then Henry died, and gradually the company rose to prominence - but it took fifteen years. 


"He is richest is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature".  Socrates.
[Absolute rubbish. Only a poor man could say that! We humans are a greedy lot of sods whose content is only felt when we realise we have more wealth than our neighbour. As Mark Twain said, "Few of us can stand prosperity. Another man's that is".]

"Money does not make a rich man happy". Traditional.
[Again, rubbish. As an author mate of mine once said, 'If the poor knew how happy the rich are they would cut their own throats". Unfortunately, some do. ]

And on advertising. A friend of mine applied for a job with a Melbourne ad agency and was told on interview, "Your resume is full of distortions and half-truths. You start next Monday".  And if you think that commercial advertising does not really work, consider the thousands of Australians who think yogurt tastes good. 


The dates shown may not be final. All definate dates will be announced by email and this website within two months of the event - if possible. Long term events may change if something new comes up - this will give you a guide as to what is going to happen. If you have any specific interest in these events and want to make a comment or contribute in some way, please let Secretary Jacqui know. Most events are held at the Yarram Country Club - other venues will be announced as required.
We need further contributions to our regular Travel Tales and Tips, and ideas for the SPECIAL EVENT after our monthy meetings. We can continue with WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?, and our popular SHOW AND TELL. 

General Meetings are at 11.00am; Special Events soon after at 1.00pm (or 1.30pm if advised).
Travel Tips and Tales at 1.00pm a week after the General Meetings. 
Listings in RED are definately on - unless we change them!

JULY 18 TRAVEL TALES AND TIPS - Jacqui and Brian Lee - Tales and Travels of Ye Olde England.
SPECIAL EVENT - Show and Tell. 
SPECIAL EVENT - GOING DOWN UNDER A personal look at the underwater world of Peter Stone. 
SEPTEMBER 19 TRAVEL TALES AND TIPS - to be announced. Where have you been lately?
SPECIAL EVENT - Photography for Travellers - Peter Stone will tell us how we can make the most of our photography.
OCTOBER 17 TRAVEL TALES AND TIPS - to be announced. Where have you been lately?
Books, authoring, publishing - The Complete Works of author and publisher Peter Stone
NOVEMBER 21 TRAVEL TALES AND TIPS - to be announced. 

Please note once again that events beyond the following month can change - indeed must change - as more members contribute or interesting guests are invited. Contact any committee member to offer or make a suggestion. 


THE I-PODDERS GROUP. 10.30am, Wednesdays. Federal Coffee Palace cafe. Contact: Eric Greenaway ericjgreenaway@bigpond.com
Learn, practice, query, enjoy - the use of ipods, iphones, galaxy tablets, smart phones, Androids and gremlins. How your smart phone can help to make a better coffee!!! 
Sessions have been temporality postponed as we have gained a lot of knowledge thanks to Eric and the session attendees. A follow up will be held in the future - to be announced. 

MAH-JONG has two sessions, one for beginners - every Tuesday at the Country Club (unless otherwise advised), at 10.30am. Proficient players, those who know the difference between a tile and a tuba, might like to join the games in the main room at The Hub on Thursdays between 1 and 4pm. These events are ongoing unless a public holiday. Please note that this is not gender exclusive and is for males also; there is no such thing as Pah-Jong. 
Note: times amnd venmue may change but secretary Jacqui is keeping us up to date. 

Walk or shuffle around the delightful streets of downtown Yarra. Wonderful communication with other members and exercise to boot. Zimmer frames optional! Staring again 18 August, see above.
Walks  are resuming after Easter - however - the next HISTORICAL FEATURE WALK is scheduled for April with renown artist and local historian, Warren Curry and will be a discovery tour of historic Port Albert. 

Learn how to give Warren Curry and Jeffrey Smart a run for their money. 
Regular talks and outings planned to get us through the winter.  Just looking for a bigger venue - looking at the Historical Society rooms!  Will probably be Tuesday or Wednesdays afternoons. Okay, you know who Warren Curry is, but if you don't know who Jeffrey Smart is you had better come along to the art class. The new  Pavilion at the Football ground has a huge space on ground level, with every need met, plenty of windows and large round tables. The small group already has shown some great art work developing. 

A recent Art class at the new Pavilion; one of Jaqui Lee's fine paintings. (Click to expand).

Get a Kaffeen Kick and solve the problems of the world with great coffee and conversation, regularly each Friday at 10am at the appropriately named Federal Coffee Palace. And once a month we go to "Janie's" , at the Bodman homestead on the Hyland Highway. 

Contact Cynthia Lang or Peter Stone peter@oceans.com.au
It is appreciated that most people don't want to leave beautiful down Yarram and district but its nice to get away for a while! Have you been absent without leave? We'd like to hear about it. Next speaker please!

Meets wherever. A ten week course on use and maintenance of your zimmer frame. How to get the most out of it, its use as a pedestrian aid and self-defense weapon, and pot stand when not in use.

To preserve our sanity, a group discussion has been suggested to ensure that we really do learn something about the goings-on in the world. Members need to be assurred that there is more to the news than football and the ashes, Adam Goodes, helicopter rides, global warming (all our fault), why Abbott wobbles when he walks, and the latest cure for cancer, obesity, old age and flatulence - and change of national leadership!!! 

Tutor Eric Greenaway leading the most
informative I-Ploddrs group learning how 
to use a smart phone

Click on image to enlarge.



Bettina will tell us something about a destination that is rarely visited by Aussies, and is this sure to be very interesting indeed - the land of calypso, costumer and Castro - Cuba. Don't miss it. Yarram Country Club 20 June, 1.00pm.

TRAVEL TALES  MONDAY 18 APRIL. Country Club 1.00pm
THE NEW BURMA - Is it Safe - Where is it heading?  Peter Stone.
It's like writing one's own obituary to fill in this space, but I reckon the photos were okay and the destination interesting. No money was thrown but I guess the presentation went down well - thats for others to judge. But I don't think I inspired too many people to travel to this wonderful contry. 

WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? Country Club, 1.00pm, Monday 9 May 2016. 
Another wonderful presentation in this extremely interesting initive, to introduce ourselves to each other. John O'Callahan is of course well known in the community with his committments to Rotary and U3A, his concern for the land, and his exception local knowledge and research that has been transfered into several excellent local history books. John could talk for hours on his generation and that of his parents on the land at Jack River, and on the history of the prolific dairy region, but on this occassion spoke of his time as a young drummer - a very young drummer - with his Dad's band in the fifties and sixties and seventies. These were the days of family fun-fiilled dances in local halls, including many in the old Strand Hall in Yarram, now demolished. John was just ten years old when he wandered into his lounge whilst Dad was on piano and older brother on sax. The regular drummer has been posted out of town, so the 'band' was the two of thm. John picked up two sticks - yes, sticks - from the garden and kept beat on a chair much to the amusement, and later appreciation, of his young son's ability - so John was immediately integrated into the O'Callahan Band. The problem was - there were no drums/ John's Dad cut a metal drum in half, fitted a plywood 'skin' to the drum and that was that. Cymbals were makeshift also - and John has his drum 'set'. John brought in the actual drum, now surely a local history community item. Over the next fifty years John managed to upgrade to a real kit and it was only a few years ago that he sat on the throne and keep time. Of course, the band was paid for their work and young John was very pleased with the shillings that he made, but that did not lessen the work of all musicians on the land. 
Many thanks John for yet another interesting, amusing and informative talk. 


Anyone interested in forming a U3A bike group please contact Secretary Jacqui.

HI-TECH I-PAD THINGYS - some members have shown an interest in how to consume every minute of their wakeing day by tweeting and surfing and facebooking and in other technical ways of throwing their life away - not like reading this website though! If you want to know how your device works, contact Eric Greenaway or Secretary Jacqui or Event Co-ordinator Cynthia - or ask your kid. EVENT STARTED 4 APRIL 2016

SPECIAL EVENT after the April meeting is another popular SHOW AND TELL. So members, check your drawers (I'll rephrase that) - see what old and interesting things you may have accumulated over the years and bring them along. They do not have to be antiques, although most things in our drawers are generally old and disfunctional items - so bring then along. 
Note: You will recall that at the last Show and Tell, Jimmy K. brought along something very interesting, and a most necessary item of apparel for the males of Papua New Guinea. I am most disappointed about this as mine is bigger than his! 

We have had several very successful travel presentations over the past year and 'by popular demand' we will continue to do so through to the end of the year and the following years. The committee has decided that the THIRD MONDAY IN EACH MONTH will be Travel Time. It is envisaged that the regular monthly event will be held at the Country Club at 1.00pm. Members may like to meet beforehand for a light lunch. Please contact the committee if (when) you are prepared to share your travels with us. 

Jess has said she will do another session of meditation for us!! Yippee, also she has offered her parent's property as a venue for a picnic, Later in October early November, could be a beautiful tranquil place to unwind. 

Bill Bodman is investigating the hospital bus use for an event on 21st October -  a lecture on "Key changes in Global health", with dinner - $60, Premier Function centre, Traralgon. Not sure if a concession priced meal is available, will check. Let us know if interested.

Bill Bodman is arranging for a visit to the society's room, one Wednesday at 1.30pm in the near future. The date has been suggested as July 29th. Secretary Jacqui will conform date and time by email.

Modelled after the popular TV show, we thought this would be an interesting event as we all have (had!) an interesting life and something to say, especially if there are skeletons in the closet. But we lack the research to do justice to the show, so we will have decided on an autobiographical WHO DO YOU THINK I AM  story-line instead. Of course, in a small country town like our beloved Yarram, everyone seems to be related in some way, so a great deal of caution will be exercised in telling their tales. Perhaps it will only be the johnny-come-latelies (those who were not born here, or played football for Yarram) who can unburden their past!!! 

MEETING July 13th 2015 at the Country Club, 11.30am.
The Speaker Event held after lunch at 1.00pm will be the first of the "Who Am I" sessions, whereby members will tell of their life, or parts thereof, and mayybe drag out a few skeletons from the closet - although as we live in a small town there are no skeletons that we do not not of. The first person to bare their soul will be Vice-President Peter who has no skeltons but a few mystical Asian experiences to share. 
Member John O'Callaghan thanksed for directing the excellent 'Life Stories' sessions - and still on-going after a short break whilst we work on our autobiographies - next session to be advised. 

Makes the British Antiques Roadshow look like a garage sale. Hope to start in June. Have you something special and interesting that you can show and talk about. Baby Albums would not be appropriate even though some may be antiques. 
We've set a date fir the first one. It will be held as a Monthly Talk after the meeting on 13 April at the Yarram Country Club. The talk - more of a group discussion we hope - will start at 1.30 after our regular lunch. Vice-President Peter Stone will explain the format of future "I'll Show You Mine' presentations and bring along a few interesting items to get the ball rolling. Dates and times will be then set for future 'shows'. First presentation held, interesting items presented - Robbie the Robot, Mr Potato Head, two items from the Hoi An treasure, and a coronation cup of 1937 from the period of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother). Many thanks to Peter Stone and Gerry Stuart for their excellent presentatiuons. It brought back a few wonderful memories. Do you have something to 'show and tell'. Contact our secretary and express your interst. You do not have to say what your item is - keep it a surprise for the day. The next session will be announced soon. 


"You are never too old to learn - unless it's the clarinet or an iPod"

In discussing interest in forming a music appreciaton group, members should be aware
that the modern music called rapp is not prefixed with a 'c'.

"If all the economists were laid end to end, they would still not reach a conclusion" - G.B.Shaw

"If all the politicians were laid end to end I wouldn't be a bit surprised". - Not sure who said this, probably Peta Credlin.

The Wileys Publishing company have put ut a series of excellent books that are directed at the "older and Wiser' generation, that is, US, and have named the series as such.The books are endorsed by the U3A (of the UK).  There are thousands of books on the market, all telling us how to use opur computers, ipods, ipads, smart phones and coffee perculators. Some are hard-core manuals which are hard to read for the computer illiterate, others not so. The 'for Dummies' series is a well-named tongue-in-cheek series that is well accepted. The Wiley's series is aimed at 'the over 50s'. How they define the intelligence of this demographic group I have no idea but the one book I have seen seems quite useful. I gather some (maybe all) are written in the UK, which is better than some of the drivel that comes out of the USA with their often 'folksy' and annoying style. Member Gerry Stuart has one, and he put it on to me. 
I deal with a book supply company in Australia called called Fishpond; I've never had a problem with them. Enter:
You could also go direct to the publisher:
This is not an endorsement, simply a suggestion. 

Please note that the little tray that pops out on your computer is NOT a coffee-cup holder. I think it is to keep your small change, but mine is broken as it has a hole in the bottom. 


I (Peter Stone) have a pacemaker - so what! doesn't everyone in U3A? I rarely have a problem with airport security, except in Perth as it turns out. It started out badly with a caucasian security man not making it too clear if he wanted me to remove my shoes and belt - he did. On bypassing the detection booth, I entered the cleared zone where fortunately the miserable white-fellow had disappeared. Everyone else in security was Indian. "Good morning sir, you would be standing here please. I will give you a pat - do you want a private room?" 
"No thanks, mate", I replied jovially. Pat, pat, stoke, pat - like the rhythm of playing a harmonica! 
"You would be pleased sir to be putting up your hands," my bomb-checker requested, as I caught the eye of the security supervisor, another Indian with a jovial complection - if one could imagine so in a gentleman from the sub-continent. 
"If I do that, my pants will fall down," I replied honestly.
As quick as a flash, the supervisor said, "Oh, very good sir, we have camera, we take picture and put on Youtube". 
We both burst out laughing, he at his own humour and I at his quick repartee. Thank heaven for a security person with a wonderful sense of humour. 

Member John O'Callahan's last work has just been released. He has contributed significantly with a section of local history the that celebrates (and is named thus) Port Albert 175, 1841-2016. Copies will be available at the Port Albert maritime museum after the launch of the book by local artist Warren Curry on 20th February. 

Member Eric Greeaway has attended a Rotary conference at which a speaker spoke on social media and the use thereof. She suggested to the (generally senior) Rotarians that we oldies need to get used to people playing on their ipods and ipads, and being interested at the dinner party with a smart-phone call. No we don't!!! Why should we tolerate the rudeness of someone suddenly taking a mobile phone call whilst you are talking to them, or when you are in a convivial group discussion, or attending a lecture session, or simply participating in any U3A activity. It is rude and anti-social. Imagine if I pulled out a daily newspaper and started to read it whilst attending a U3A talk!!. As Eric has said, it is not the social media technology that is to blame - it is the users and their attitude. Eric by the way runs our excellent I-podders group where we learn how to appropriately use the social media technology. 

Brian Lee, husband of Secretary Jacqui, has won the Abstract division for his excellent painting of Blue Times, in the Easter Tarra Festival Art Show. Congratulations Brian. See http://yarrampa.customer.netspace.net.au/people-brian-lee.htm
I should take the opportunity to thank Brian for all the behind-the-scenes work he does for U3A of Yarram.

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